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Fair Redundancy or Unfair Dismissal?

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I've been helping a lovely gentleman dispute his "redundancy".  The quotation marks are justified as he was, in fact, unfairly dismissed.
He had been working for his employer for 12 years as a Line Supervisor in a factory.  He became concerned about one of the machines being used and told his manager he wanted to shut it down until an engineer could inspect it.  The manager refused and insisted my client and his team continue using the machine.  My client was unhappy with the decision and was worried that someone could be hurt.  He decided to report the situation to the Company's Head Office and they ordered the machine be shut down.  Following an inspection later the same day, the engineer complimented my client stating he had avoided what could have been a very serious situation.
Life went on as normal way for a couple of weeks, and then one morning my client was called into the manager's office.  He was told there was a reorganisation of the Line Supervisors at the factory and as a result he had been "selected for redundancy".  He was given a letter stating his employment was terminated immediately and the manager walked him off the premises.
My client thought something was clearly wrong, but didn't want to "make a fuss" or get "involved with solicitors".  Fortunately, his wife persuaded him to give me a call and talk through what had happened (wise woman).  I said he had an excellent claim for unfair dismissal (amongst others) and we got to work straightaway.
In the event, we never got to the Employment Tribunal.  A couple of letters and a few telephone calls later my client had been offered substantial compensation, an agreed reference and few other bits and bobs I got thrown in for good measure from his employer.   He was extremely happy and I was delighted to help such a lovely gentleman.  He sent a very nice card saying he was going to treat his wife to a weekend away - after all, she was the one who persuaded him to give me a call in the first place!
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Sally Hubbard, Employment Law Solicitor, LincsLaw Solicitors, Lincoln
Sally Hubbard

Sally is a Lincolnshire girl through and through and has lived in Lincoln her whole life (apart from a brief spell when she went to university in Nottingham, but we don’t talk about that). She began her career with Lincolnshire County Council qualifying as a solicitor in 1996, which she believes now makes her "vintage".

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