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Age Discrimination - Hey, I'm just being honest!

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I’ve enjoyed helping a lovely lady with an Employment Tribunal claim against her employer. She had been working for a large company as a receptionist for over 25 years. Both colleagues and customers praised her for her professionalism and she had enjoyed glowing performance reviews. She loved her job and only started to have problems when the company appointed a new General Manager.

One morning she was asked to “pop up” to the General Manager’s office. She had no idea what the meeting was about, but as she went in to the office he was waiting for her with the company’s Human Resources Advisor. The General Manager stated he wanted to make some changes in reception and my client was being moved in to the “back office”. My client asked whether there was any problem with her work, whether she had done something wrong and why, after 25 years loyal service, she was being transferred from her post.

In answer to her questions, this delightful employer explained that he wanted someone younger on reception. He went on to state that my client was “no spring chicken”, that he didn’t want the image of the company to be “middle-aged” and, that ideally, he would want someone “in their 20s” on the front desk. When my client became visibly distressed, he stated he was happy with her work and didn’t understand why she was “making a fuss”. He finished the meeting by saying “hey, I’m just being honest!” All of this was said in front of the Human Resources Advisor, who sat mutely throughout.

My client took advantage of our free telephone consultation at LincsLaw. She just wanted to see if there was anything she could do, I immediately identified she had an excellent claim for age discrimination. Long story short, a few letters, a drafted Employment Tribunal Claim (we didn’t even need to submit it) and lots of cups of tea later my client got a generous amount of compensation and an apology. She didn’t want to go back to work for the company (I wasn’t surprised) so we did a deal for her to resign. In less than a week, one of company’s customers offered her a position at their reception, so she is off to pastures new with cash in the bank.

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Sally Hubbard
Employment Law Solicitor
LincsLaw Solicitors, Lincoln

Sally Hubbard

Sally is a Lincolnshire girl through and through and has lived in Lincoln her whole life (apart from a brief spell when she went to university in Nottingham, but we don’t talk about that). She began her career with Lincolnshire County Council qualifying as a solicitor in 1996, which she believes now makes her "vintage".

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